Sunday, 14 August 2016

See A Little Light

Being a vegetarian is easy when you live off sugary breakfast cereals, toast and chips(fries to you Americans).
But I have been getting increasingly unfit, being out of work and living off less than nourishing sugary/fatty foods. So I've pushed myself these last few days to get back into walking more, running and exercise with a ban on cheese and beer :( I have been trying to motivate myself with reading great Morrissey quotes from his old interviews. And it reminds me why I became a Vegetarian in the first place, to better myself and be more aware of what and whom I shouldn't be eating.

Last night I watched Drive. I'd heard great things about this film and regard Ryan Gosling (the king of independent films) as one of this century's most talented actors. I was blown away, I felt instantly gripping by the cool California night getaway scene. And a killer soundtrack featuring Daft Punk. Combined with a great director, all star cameos (Bryan Cranston, Oscar Issac) It had the feel of all the great action/thriller films from the 80's, with none of the silliness.. Drive is just a refreshing, clever film. (Even though I'm a few years late to the party).

I've been revisiting the Sugar/Bob Mould albums recently. I really enjoyed his autobiography See A Little Light' some months ago, and now find going through his back catalogue all the more rewarding and inspiring. It's so rare to find an artist that can rock out so hard, and deliver stirring heartfelt lyricism. His latest album I was turned onto via the Ryan Adams/Bob Mould interview on NPR. And the song Hold On' Is a triumph and could slot onto any of his greatest albums. If you've never listened to Bob Mould I suggest you do as you will find a man that has been creating consistently great music for over three decades.

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